Data Privacy Day Apple launches video and “Today at Apple”.

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For the commitment to privacy, and for the anniversary of the Data Privacy Daywhich is celebrated on January 28, Manzana has announced several new features to help users take control of their data.

Apple has made available to users a short film in which the actor is presented nick Muhammadfrom the comic series Apple TV+ “Ted Lasso” to the privacy features of the iphoneas well as a session of “Today at Apple”.

The way we use technology and how we use it in our daily lives should not mean that our data or the information we manipulate is accessible to the rest of the internet.

Manzana recognizes the importance of users controlling their information and has introduced new resources to help them do so.

As we all know, threats are common in the information society, where technology plays such an important role.

A short film about Apple Data Privacy.

To raise awareness and explain the importance of privacy in a simple and entertaining way, Manzana has created the short film “A day in the life of a normal person with data”as the leading star we have Nick Muhammadof “Ted Lasso” AppleTV+.

A Muhammad joins him Vaughnthat according Manzanaacts live as double in the Apple Tower Theater Shop in Los Angeles.

The video follows the star in his daily life and explains how attackers misuse data and how Manzana makes sure that your personal data is safe.

Specifically, the video highlights privacy features such as email privacy protection, smart tracking prevention, and app tracking transparency.

Here is the link to the short film.

Session of “Today at Apple” for Privacy.

In addition to the aforementioned short film, on Saturday, January 28, a new session of “Today at Apple”in which users can obtain more information about the protection of their data, including email privacy, security audits, location services and access codes.

The session lasts 30 minutes and is available at Apple Stores of all the world. It can also be booked as a group for teams, organizations or entire classes.

The goal of this initiative is to show users how they can protect their data from misuse.

It is the first time that Apple offers a session of “Today at Apple” dedicated entirely to privacy.

Apple data privacy, statement from the apple company.

“At Apple, we are focused on creating devices, features and services that empower users to control their privacy”stated Eric neuenschwanderhead of Apple’s privacy division.

Over the years, we have built robust privacy controls into our operating systems. This film and our new sessions “Today at Apple” they show users how they can use some of the features we offer and make it clear that privacy is at the heart of everything we do.”

This commitment to transparency and control, as well as privacy innovations through Apple technologies, give Apple users more choice and control over their personal information.” On Privacy Day and every day, Apple teams continue this work.”

Apple Data Privacy and its infinite commitment to users.

In your ad and your strategies, Manzana reiterated his belief that privacy is a “fundamental human right.”

Apple claims that privacy is an integral part of its products and services, and the latest update to iOS 16 includes new tools to help users better control their data.

Included in this update is a “application security report” for the smartphone that identifies permissions for various apps and allows users to revoke them, as well as other new features.

Privacy is a standard in all products and services of Manzanafrom the moment a device is inserted to every time an app is used.

The products and services of Manzana they incorporate innovative privacy technologies that limit outsiders’ access to data.

For example, trackers don’t follow users in Safari, the Health app protects your data, and Siri adapts to your needs without knowing who you are.

These are just a few examples of the many privacy features that Manzana has built into all of its products and services from the start.

The company believes that all users should have clear information about how their data is used and access to tools that allow them to decide when and with whom they share their data.