Dark mode finally comes to Google Maps on mobile devices (calmly)

We have a year 2020 in which many apps have been updated to allow dark mode Although in the case of Google Maps, it is surprising that those from Mountain View have taken so long to publish it, after being one of the champions of this revolution in the issues of our devices, remember that Android 10 was the first to bring this dark mode as standard to apply it to all corners of our smartphone.

That is why It is surprising that more than a year later we are still with Google Maps waiting for an update that seems to have been released in the last hours, after months of fine-tuning everything imaginable around colors, layers, maps and relevant information about the application. So we have been able to verify it in a Reddit thread, where an Italian Android user has published a screenshot along with a message that says it all: “Finally Google Maps with dark mode.”

Google takes it easy

The user’s text is especially significant, when using the word “finally”, which comes to denote the exhaustion of many users before a wait that seems endless. So much so that, even before the appearance of these evidences, there are many who distrust that we are really before the arrival of the dark mode of Google Maps officially. It’s more, At this time in our country, both iOS and Android apps still do not offer support for dark mode, although from the screenshot that we have below, everything indicates that Italian users have been among the first to be successful in achieving it.

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Dark mode in Google Maps for Android. Reddit

Remember that Google Maps already had dark mode in its desktop version, through web browsers, so it was strange that in the rest of the available screens it took a long time to go through a process that does not seem the most complex in the world, since the color changes, UX indications, etc., were already more than decided for months. Even so, and as we mentioned before, the update will be progressive and constant in the coming days, so it is advisable to be attentive to digital stores.

If you have automatic updates, it is best to wait until, one of these days, you are surprised to open the application and enjoy the maps in dark mode, without touching anything else. As in the case of other Google apps, they default to the theme settings, either from iOS or Android.