Danna Paola: the year she became a child host on the program “Hoy”


Danna Paola She is a versatile artist. The Mexican actress has been singing, dancing, composing, modeling and acting since 1999, when she first appeared on television in the famous children’s program Sesame Street. But perhaps, what many do not know is that among all her facets, the driver has also stood out, since With only seven years he was part of one of the most famous morning spaces in the country.

The protagonist of Elite worked in the forum of Today Saturday in 2003, together with Juan José Ulloa and Silvia Lomelí. At that time, he was already emerging as one of the child stars of the moment, thanks to his leading role in series such as Ray of Light (2000), Maria Belen (2001), or Hurrah for the children (2002).

With her hair in a fun hairstyle and blue highlights, little Danna Paola sat at the table with the adult conductors and discussed the issues of the day; participated in the sections; and she chatted with some of the show’s characters, always with her ballots in hand to follow the script like a great professional.

After participating in the space Televisa, many new hits came, like Amy the girl with the blue backpack (2004), Alebrijes and rebujos (2004); Dare to dream (2009).

On a guest visit to the show in 2018, Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo showed him some images from that time when he was part of the “Hoy” family, and Danna Paola, laughing, said that when she was little being in that forum made her extremely happy.

“That beautiful memories. I think that with Juanjo and Silvia it is one of the most beautiful things, the coexistence that we had there. We had a lot of fun. There were always games, sweets, jokes. And it was really a very happy space for me, at 7 years old, and it was something very different obviously from being in front of a camera making a novel“, Said the interpreter of Hey Pablo.

“I have been in my career for 18 years. Then, almost, we almost started together, you have accompanied me throughout my career as a guest, now in this case because I was also part of this family on Saturdays, “he added.

Although for her being a child star was difficult, because she gave up many experiences, she explained that she has not had another life. Since you remember, his world is the show, and she has no regrets at all for every step she took, because they made her the woman she is today.

“It always has its complications, but I didn’t have a life other than this one. The mental gap that I have, because in the end I started this. Before the age of four I have two or three things. So, from that moment on, it was when I began to remember what my life was like for four years on the forums, recording, etc. And I think so, obviously one misses a lot of things, like a birthday, and things in the family … Obviously the privacy of a child, going to normal school, but I have absolutely nothing to regret. I think I had a wonderful childhood, and very funny, and very creative. It helped me to be the woman I am today, ”she added.

(Photo: screenshot video Hoy / Las Estrellas)

His life on the film sets was combined with his musical career. At the age of eight he starred in his first musical: Regina, while playing the character of Anie in the children’s and youth soap opera Of Few Fleas. A year later, in 2004, he starred in Amy, the girl with the blue backpack, and became one of the stars of Alebrijes and Rebujos. At the same time, he released two albums and went on a music tour entitled In Search of Treasure, the Story Continues.

In 2005 he took the stage again to star in his second musical, Little Orphan Annie, a role that led to her receiving the award for Best Child Actress at the Bravo and ACPT Awards.

At the age of 13, he made his film debut with the film Tear off my life, under the direction of Roberto Sneider, and at 14 gave life to Patricia “Patito” Peralta, in Dare to dream. At 15, in 2010, he recorded with Aleks Syntek the song “Yo Soy Tu Amigo Fiel”, by toy Story 3, and in 2015 he starred in the musical Today I can not get up, based on the songs of the Spanish group Mecano, among other recognized works.

To this are added his hit songs like “Bad Fame”, “Hey Pablo”, or “Sodium”, and very famous collaborations such as “No Bailes Sola”, with Sebastián Yatra, or “Nada”, which he recorded together with Cali and Dandee.

In 2018, she gave life to the character of Lucrecia Montesinos in the Netflix original series, Elite, a role that catapulted him to world fame.