Dangers of tricking the speed of electric scooters

electric scooter
electric scooter
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The popular electric scooters are sold in Spain and in other Latin American countries with a speed limitation that prevents them from traveling at a speed higher than that legally permitted, but as has happened for decades with 49 cc mopeds and 74 cc motorcycles, whose power was limited due to the type of license needed to drive them, methods have also emerged with these vehicles to trick them, increasing their power and speed.

The maximum speeds legally allowed in Spain for electric scooters range between 20 and 30 kms

For prices between 10 and 150 euros, multiple advertisements can be found on the Internet that offer to bypass the limitations, usually of software, with which electric scooters limit speed. In Spain, depending on the type of city and the type of road, the maximum speed that can be reached legally ranges between 20 and 30 km/h, and the maximum power is also limited to 4,000 watts. However, a tricked-out electric scooter is capable of reaching 100 km/h.

Beyond an infraction, the increase in the maximum speed that can be reached with these vehicles may pose a risk to the safety of the occupant and to other occupants on the road, but this is not an obstacle for some users who have found a good number of web pages, tutorials and online and establishments that allow alter legal limitations of electric scooters.

Depending on the type of delimitation and the provider of the service, different prices are handled, but the highest price to pay would be that of the penalty that could be imposed on whoever chooses to make these modifications to their electric scooter. These, beyond the possible circumstance of exceeding the maximum authorized speeds on the road, will range from driving without a license to the vehicle lacking insurance.

In some cases, it is warned that these modifications imply the cancellation of the manufacturer’s guarantee, that only the modified electric scooters could be used in private premises and that in any case its use is subject to the responsibility of the user..

Legally, the modification of these characteristics is only authorized if the manufacturer that carries them out is its own and if the scooter comes to have a seat. In these cases, it could be homologated as a moped (if the maximum speed only reaches 45 km/h), and in case of exceeding said speed, the homologation would already have to be as an electric motorcycle. And in both cases the user should have the license corresponding to said vehicle.