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DALL-E 2 beta is here: one million people will be able to use the OpenAI image generator

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DALL-E 2, the AI ​​artificial intelligence to generate photorealistic images from any text, is officially in beta. This is good news for all those people who are on the waiting list to try this interesting tool.

Since its initial release, DALL-E 2 has been in a closed testing phase, so access was limited to a certain number of artists and researchers, i.e. it was not available to the general public, however, the situation just changed.

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Users will have to use credits to create images

As explained by OpenAI, the waiting list to access DALL-E 2 does not disappear, but the company will drastically increase the sending of invitations with the recent launch of the beta. So, 1 million people will be able to test the image generator.

Invitations will be sent “over the next few weeks” and users who receive them will have 50 free credits to use the first month and an additional 15 credits the following month. That is, they will not be able to create unlimited images.

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Dall E Now Available In Beta 2

Each credit can be used for one DALL-E generation request (providing four images), one editing request, or one variation (providing three images). You can also buy additional credits to the free ones. 115 credits cost $15.

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Although in beta, DALL-E users now have full rights to commercially use the images created, including the right to reprint and sell them. This includes images they generated during closed testing.

It should be noted that OpenAI maintains a series of restrictions in the system to prevent the creation of misleading content. For example, images of public figures cannot be uploaded. If you are not yet on the waiting list, you can sign up through a form on the OpenAI page.

Over the last few months we have seen many of the creations made with DALL-E 2, but it is not the only image-generating AI that is being talked about. From this project also appeared DALL-E Mini (now called Craiyon) with its crazy creations.

Midjourney, a rival of DALL-E 2, is also in beta, so those interested in this type of tool also have another alternative to unleash their creativity.

In Xataka | Someone made up the word “Crungus” and stuffed it into the Dall-E Mini. The result was this monster

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