Cybercriminals use modified version of Telegram to spread malware on Android

Cybercriminals use modified version of Telegram to spread malware on Android
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Cybercriminals are taking advantage of Telegram’s popularity to spread a modified version of the Russian application infected with Triada malware on the Internet; it is being distributed on unofficial Android stores in APK format. According to information from the company Lookout, hackers are collecting personal data from the user and files from the phone.

For this, the fake messenger requests several sensitive operating system permissions that are not required by the official version of Telegram. Once installed, fakechat can send messages, make calls, take photos, record audio and video, access contacts and location, for example, redirecting stolen material to scammers.

The malware can also display unwanted advertisements and charge false subscriptions to premium services from the original developer, thereby capturing payment information such as credit card, branch and bank account numbers, putting the security of both the individual and the device at risk.

The malicious application replicates all the visual elements of the original, including the screen where you have to enter your phone number to receive the verification code. This type of coup phishing (‘fishing’ in English) is quite common and tends to claim countless victims all over the world.

It has been found on more than 200 unofficial download websites and has already affected thousands of users across the world that’s why experts warn that users should always download apps from trusted sourcessuch as the Google Play Store and App Store, and check the permissions requested by apps before installing them.

Cyber ​​criminals use modified version of Telegram to steal personal data.


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