Customize your always-on display on iPhone 14 Pro


Due to the totally interesting update of iOS 16.2, which is still in beta phase, it allows users to give even more customization on iPhone 14, especially in certain tabs and ways such as the always-on screen. Continue reading this tutorial to find out everything.

Always-on display on iPhone 14

Now on your iPhone 14 Pro, as well as on your iPhone 14 Pro Max They have really interesting functions that are not usually included in other iPhone 14 models. For example, this time there are features of the always-on display, which is integrated due to the capabilities of the much more energy-efficient OLED panel, in the way that it reduces the refresh rate down to 1Hz. Apple made this setting, of course, preserving battery life.

Since its premiere, the iPhone 14 Pro had already been programmed by default with iOS 16 installed. The always-on display only showed your iPhone’s lock screen wallpaper but a bit darker, dbehind some widget and notification. However, it lacked any kind of customization for this section.

Even if the iPhone 14 Pro remains in idle mode, it may have a more unique look, speaking of the comparison with other models of the company in the always-on display version. Apple has paid attention to the request of users about the option to customize certain elements to change aspects.

Among the most relevant opinions from users, they indicate that they would like to hide notifications even when the screen is always on, obviously appealing to the privacy and security of the owners. Meanwhile, other users wanted a hidden wallpaper in always-on mode because it can conflict with the iPhone appearing to always-on even when it’s not, leading to a bit of confusion.

This is how it is personalized

Apple has taken some of these suggestions and feedback from the community. Now in iOS 16.2 (remember, in beta phase), it will have a few new features pertaining to customization. For example, hide notifications and lock screen wallpaper in the always-on display lock.

Just follow the steps that you will read below:

  • First, go to the app settings on your iPhone.
  • click on Screen and brightness.
  • click on Screen always on.
  • You will have to deactivate the switch located next to Show wallpaper.
  • Then just turn off the switch next to Show notifications.

This way, as soon as your iPhone is locked, the always-on screen will present you with the time, as well as some other widget that you have added. However, the wallpaper and/or notifications will be hidden as you have configured.