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Customize Spotify to your liking: avoid listening to the songs you don’t like

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If there’s one thing that stands out about Spotify, it’s how well it ‘understands’ what each user likes. But every once in a while, he messes up and makes you have to listen to some artists you don’t want to pay the slightest attention to. Well, we are going to show you options that are included in the application for mobile devices (phones or tablets) to avoid just this. The truth is that the company, which has the most widely used streaming service in the world, has just surpassed 200 million users, no less, has thought about this possibility and offers some tools that fit exactly what you need. By the way, everything you will do will have to be done with tracks or data that are not on a playlist, since in this case, first what you don’t like you have to remove from this place and then proceed with the possibilities that come your way. let’s comment The two options that Spotify offers to customize it It’s great to be able to indicate that you like a song or artist -and it’s essential for the platform to know exactly what to recommend. But, surely, when you have spent some time in which an artist that you hate with all your might sneaks into you, you have thought that it would be good to be able to indicate that you do not like this one. Well, there is that possibility even though you don’t know it. For example, when a song sounds that you are already more than bored with or, simply, it seems bad to you, what you have to do is access it on the mobile terminal (be it a smartphone or tablet, in clients for computers this is not possible do so) to the screen showing the active playback. In it, click on the three points in the upper right area and, then, you enter a section that has different possibilities. One of them is the one called Hide song and that is the one you should use. By doing so you will not suffer it again. Also with the artists In the same way, if you access the profile of an artist, we will not give names, you do not want to know anything else about him, what you have to do is choose Do not listen to this artist. By doing so, at Spotify they understand that you don’t want anything else from him to be recommended to you and, therefore, he won’t enter those lists that are created automatically for you -let alone anything that’s released for explore new musical possibilities. Something important that you should know is that you can reverse the configuration that you have established both in artists and in songs, so Spotify has thought of all the options so that the service adjusts to what you need. >

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