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c’t 3003: What good is the cheapest 3D printer from Amazon?

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With the “Raptor”, Bresser promises a fully-fledged 3D printer for beginners for 117 euros. c’t 3003 tested the cheap printer and found a catch.

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Magnetic print bed, auto-leveling, WiFi, resume printing after power failure. On paper, the values ​​of the cheap 3D printer Bresser Raptor sound great and more like a mid-range device. At only 117 euros, the printer is at the lower end of the price range.

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c’t 3003 looked at the bed pusher and found one or the other catch. First of all, the size of the installation space is obvious: With a size of only 10 × 10 × 10 centimeters, you quickly reach the limits of the printer. It also lacks a heated print bed and then there is a problem with the spool holder.

Johannes Börnsen presents the printer and the results of the test on c’t Magazin’s YouTube channel. And anyone who wants to get started with 3D printing can also watch a tutorial on the browser-based 3D program Tinkercad on the Make Magazine channel.

c’t 3003 is c’t’s YouTube channel. The videos on c’t 3003 are independent content and independent of the articles in c’t magazin. Editor Jan-Keno Janssen and video producers Johannes Börnsen and Şahin Erengil publish a video every week.

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