Cryptonible, to buy and sell items using also cryptocurrencies

If you have ever thought about how to get the most out of your second-hand items, Criptonible is your website.

Available at, it is the first platform to advertise all kinds of new and second-hand items and products, to be able to buy and sell not only with euros, but also with cryptocurrencies.

By posting your ad you can choose which coins you are interested in selling. When doing a search, you can filter by location or through the map.

Cryptonible map

You also have the option to filter by the coins you are interested in buying and see all the ads published with those characteristics.

If you are a store, business or professional, and you accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, you can advertise on our website to reach that potential customer. Criptonible is a very intuitive and practical website that will allow you to publish your ads totally free in a few minutes and designed for all types of users.


It is a very useful website to sell and get cryptocurrencies in exchange for your second-hand items that you no longer use, practicing circular economy and being able to get more profitability with your sales as an investment.

Knowing the web more thoroughly

The website has 20 categories where you can publish, from motor to real estate, NFTs, metaverses and youtubers where you can advertise your content creation channels.

It has a dedicated space for sellers, where you can search by name, filter by accepted currencies, languages, and see the best rated sellers.


It also has a service for highlighting ads to show them in the top positions and improve their visibility, with a different format from the rest of the ads.

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We can consult a blog where the latest news related to current affairs and the web itself are left.


Why sell your stuff on Criptonible?

Criptonible is the first platform created to be able to sell any item, home, vehicle, etc., choosing FIAT currencies and cryptocurrencies for sale.

We want to be the means for the seller and buyer to find the product they are looking for and can also carry out the operation with cryptocurrencies

Have you ever thought of selling your car for Bitcoin? Do you have an apartment on the beach and would like to advertise it on Ethereum? Or do you simply want to sell your old bike and want to take advantage of its sale to get cryptocurrencies?

There are different possibilities and advantages offered by announcing your sales in Criptonible:

If you are thinking of starting to have cryptocurrencies but not investing your money… sell something you don’t use and get cryptocurrencies!
If you already have cryptocurrencies and want to accumulate more, you just have to select which coin or coins you are interested in
Sell ​​your item and get more profitability, with the money from that sale you can get more profitability with market movements or exchange it for FIAT money whenever you want.

Why was Cryptonible created?

Criptonible was born with the idea of ​​creating a reference space where to publish free ads to be able to sell any item also with cryptocurrencies.

The idea arose when its founders decided to sell their apartment in Malaga and accepted Bitcoin as a means of payment. Looking for places to publish the ad to reach that buyer profile, they realized that there was no platform focused on this idea.

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It can not only be useful for individuals, but also for professionals who can advertise their products and services where the user will find all that offer collected on the same website.

It is thus a complete second-hand website that opens up the range of options to carry out your purchases and sales.


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