Cronos – Price Prediction 2022-2030

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Cronos (CRO), like many other cryptos, had a very turbulent year. Even though its connection to shielded it from the worst consequences, Cronos still took a beating during the crypto crash. The fact that Cronos decided to reduce the rewards for staking in early May didn’t help and only served to speed up the massive dumping process. Even though the company backtracked later, the damage was already done.

As Cronos took a nose dive, together with the rest of the market, investors started to panic. Even those fortunate enough to liquidate their positions before taking massive losses were faced with the decision of what to do with their money. Fortunately, there are several alternatives on the market that offer massive ROI and safety. Coins like Tamadoge, Battle Infinity, and Lucky Block are among the latest additions to the crypto world, and already they have made significant waves on the market.

Cronos Price Prediction

Making an accurate Cronos price prediction is more of a guessing game at this point. As the crypto market slump continues, it is hard to predict when the bearish phase will end. However, there are some fairly dependable correlations that indicate the way Cronos price may move in the next period. You can find a handy breakdown in the table below.

Year Minimum Price Maximum Price





























Cronos vs Tamadoge

As you can see above, the Cronos price prediction is not looking too favorable in the near term. If you are looking for gains in that time frame, Tamadoge is a much better proposition. Described as “Dogecoin with a purpose”, Tamadoge is an amazing Play-to-Earn (P2E) platform that has broken all records with its highly successful presale.

In Tamadoge players get the chance to breed, take care of, and train their digital pets. Once trained, they can pit them against other people’s Tamadoges and earn rewards for winning and advancement on the leaderboard. Each win will earn them Dogepoints, which can be exchanged for TAMA.

In just six weeks, Tamadoge presale managed to meet its hard cap goal and raise $19 million for further development. One billion TAMA tokens were sold, with another billion awaiting CEX listings. With the presale over, that is the next target on the Tamadoge roadmap. With news of TAMA ‘s listing on the OKX exchange being the first of many earmarked for the future! 


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Cronos vs Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is an ambitious metaverse P2E gaming platform that is a better alternative for short-term gains than Cronos. Its native token IBAT is already listed on several exchanges, including Pancakeswap, Coin98 Exchange, Coin Market Cap, Coingecko, and LBANK.

Battle Infinity is imagined as a hub for various P2E games. The groundwork for this is already laid out, with all infrastructure in place. Battle Swap is the entry point for the entire system, where players can buy IBAT, the native token. From there, they can proceed to Battle Market to trade for needed assets. The next stops are Battle Games and Battle Arena, where all the action will be happening. Finally, players can stake their inactive assets and IBAT on Battle Staking.

So far, only IBAR Premier League is available. It’s a football fantasy game where players can create their teams with players in a form of NFTs. These NFTs can be traded on the in-game market. Winning matches and placement on the league table will earn players IBAT rewards.


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Cronos vs Lucky Block

Lucky Block is perhaps the most talked about crypto project in 2022. It is a global NFT competitions platform that offers a rich prize pool to its users. Prizes include one million USD in bitcoin, a million-dollar home, Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, a brand-new Lamborghini, and more.

The original native coin of the Lucky Block ecosystem is LBLOCK V1. However, as it is based on Binance Smart Chain, V1 isn’t really suitable for listings on major crypto exchanges and that is why it was intended for use in prize draws mainly. The upgraded version, called Lucky block V2, is launched for the sole purpose of CEX listings. The developers also created an Ethereum bridge to allow swaps between V1 and V2 tokens.


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History of Cronos

Cronos has a very successful 2021, thanks to the bullish expansion of the crypto market, as well as a massive marketing campaign run by Among other things, the company bought the naming rights for Staples Center, the home of the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers. also hired Matt Damon, a Hollywood A-lister, to promote the exchange and play a prominent role in an expensive ad campaign.

The CRO hype was also driven by tempting rewards like Netflix subscriptions offered for staking that enticed a lot of investors to buy and keep large amounts of Cronos, driving the price upward. However, it all came tumbling down when the developers slashed the rewards when the scope of the May crypto crash become apparent.

As a utility coin, Cronos’ value is deeply connected to the state of the crypto market as a whole. Since the situation doesn’t look rosy at the moment, especially after the Ethereum merge disaster, chances are Cronos will remain bearish for quite some time. That is why we can’t recommend investing in it, especially since there are far better options available.


Like most established cryptos, Cronos is going through a major crisis at the moment. That doesn’t mean you should abandon crypto investing altogether, though. Tokens like Tamadoge, Battle Infinity, and Lucky Block are doing excellent and show much promise. They are also in a perfect position for entering at the ground floor before they pop off. 

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