Crisis? Not for those who buy Apple: iPhone 14, better prospects than 13


About two weeks after the presentation of the range iPhone 14, of the next generation of smartphones with the apple above you know everything. The picture is clear and almost unchangeable, so those who update frequently already know what to expect. And that’s why Savings investigated a sample of 1,504 American adults who own an iPhone to understand what is the air around the iPhone 14, if they will buy it or instead give up the purchase.

Given that percentages and conclusions take into account a very small sample, so they should be taken as general indications, the result is a very positive picture for Apple, despite the complex economic period for inflation that in the USA travels over 8% (more or less like in Italy) you do not play in favor: the contraction of the entire sector in the second quarter of the year on a global level touched 10%, in Europe the thud was even heavier.

Apple is known to make history in itself, and the first commercial indications for the iPhone 14 coming from the Savings survey point to a debut on the market even better than that of the iPhone 13.


  • 14% of respondents plan to buy an iPhone 14 – the same survey conducted a year ago on the iPhone 13 had highlighted a percentage of 10%. 32% are undecided, while 54% know they will not be seduced by the new iPhones
  • over two thirds of the interviewees who meditate yes to the new ones iPhone by they have an iPhone that is not even two years oldand is the “base” of the loyal who change when the new model arrives
  • between novelties that encourage the passage there are:
    • faster chips (do they know that the A16 Bionic chip will be exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro, while on the standards there will be the A15 Bionic of the iPhone 13?)
    • more memory (do they know that in all likelihood the only price to remain unchanged will be that of the “base” iPhone 14, while the prices of Pro and those with more memory could rise to cope with higher production costs?)
    • the 48 megapixel camera (do they know it could be exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro?)
  • 86% of those who don’t crave an iPhone 14 motivate the choice with the fact that the current iPhone does what it should and still does it well, 60% instead will give up because the new “they will be too expensive”. Curiosity: the nostalgic gods mini they are very few, 6%, which is why Apple has shelved the project.

Among those who will switch to iPhone 14 from previous generations, nearly one in three owns an iPhone 12then there are those with an iPhone 11, still users with an iPhone X, XR or XS (respectively five and four years ago) and finally there are Apple’s loyalists, the hard core, those who own an iPhone 13 but can’t resist the temptation to get their hands on the newly released model, or have a contract that allows them to change smartphones every year. Percentages:

  • iPhone 12 – 29%
  • iPhone 11 – 24%
  • iPhone X / XR / XS – 18%
  • iPhone 13 – 17%
  • iPhone 8 or earlier – 9%
  • iPhone SE 2020 – 3%
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