Creators on Patreon will be able to sell digital products and offer free subscription


Now it is Patreon, the platform that allows digital content creators to have the financial support of their respective followers, which is updated to promote their income.

For Patreon, it does not escape the different movements that the different social networking platforms have been carrying out to allow content creators to obtain more income for their work on them.

Patreon as an alternative for creators to social networks

The big difference of Patreon with respect to them is that followers will have access to all the content of their favorite creators without an algorithm intermediating in the selection of what to see on the screen.

In other words, the creators will know that each piece of content they share will reach their followers safely.

Julian Gutman, Chief Product Officer at Patreon, who believes that social media is not really ready to build deep connections between creators and followers, and allow creators to monetize directly.

In this regard, he adds that:

I think that’s why most of these tools that we’ve seen launched in recent years, whether it’s Twitter or Instagram, Facebook, etc., aren’t really that successful because they just go against the grain of those platforms.

News in the subscription system

And also taking into account that there are users who do not look favorably on (or directly cannot) pay for a subscription at first, Patreon will introduce changes to their subscription system.

This will lead to the arrival of the first level of subscription that will be free, so that creators can grow their fan base, part of which may be willing to opt for a paid subscription later.

The platform says it will become an “all-in-one” platform with the launch of the free subscription level, increasingly difficult to find in traditional social networks, which have a clear trend towards content. premiumthus allowing creators to promote their content and reach their user base without the need to use content monetization and publishing tools.

Despite the possibility of offering content for free, creators will still be able to receive support from their followers through contributions of $1 without registering for a full subscription.

Regarding paid subscriptions, Patreon will eliminate the Lite plan and current creators with this plan will automatically go to the Pro plan but keeping the 5% cut that Patreon keeps for transactions, taking into account that with the Pro plan they usually remains with 8%.

Those creators who choose to allow access to their content through the free subscription will also later be able to activate access to the paid subscription with which they can improve their income.

The sale of digital products also arrives

Creators will also be able to sell digital products as downloadable files, so if they choose to offer a series of content for free, they can also offer other digital products for sale.

In this regard, Patreon will take a 5% share of the transactions made.

The arrival of digital purchases meets one of the requests established by the creators, where some of them are already using third-party solutions. Now, with digital purchases, creators will be able to “sell downloadable and streaming content, offer discount codes, or give away merchandise for free to select subscribers,” according to Gutman.

These changes will come into force at the end of this year.

Image Credit: Patreon

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