Creative Outlier Pro, an ever better sound experience

I have already used all the headphones in the outlier family, from Creative, which I’m a real fan of, but the Pros are something really amazing. Here I explain my experience.

If you already know the Outlier, you will have recognized the box in the image above. They always come in that kind of side-opening urn that, as usual, also works as a cargo area, but when I opened it I found a somewhat different design in the headphones, more ergonomic, in fact it is much less noticeable that they are being worn posts.

they are so comfortable that the first day trying them I fell asleep with them and woke up without any irritation, something that usually happens to me a lot if the adaptation of the headset is not very good. It has several sets of ear tips to adapt to each user, but what I liked is its shape and how little it protrudes from the ear.

The strong point of the Creative Outlier Pro is the ambient noise reductionthe insulation that is produced, and the battery that allows you to enjoy more than two days playing music non-stop (60 hours according to specifications, 15 hours on a single charge). The time with noise cancellation is reduced to 10 hours per charge and 40 hours in total.

Creative Outlier Pro

To get the noise cancellation part, they use a hybrid active cancellation system of it (combines external and internal noise cancellation systems). This system not only offers clean sound to the user who listens to music, but also to the interlocutor in a call. It has an external microphone that cancels ambient noise for those who use the headphones and an internal microphone to monitor what our interlocutor hears.

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Other points in favor are customizable touch controlsIPX5-certified water resistance, Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, three integrated microphones in each earphone and wireless charging, although that is easy to find in earphones in this range (they cost 89.99 euros, although they have a 25% discount with the code OUTLIER PRO).

The problem with having such effective noise cancellation is that many times we need to know what is happening around us, and for this it has a quick mode change system. By double-tapping the left earbud, it switches to Ambient Mode and lets in the sound from around us. This mode can also be changed from the mobile app.

The inner part has 10mm graphene diaphragms. designed by Creative engineers. This system has proven to be more effective in clarity, better bass and greater effectiveness in noise cancellation, as well as in its energy efficiency.

Creative Outlier Pro

On mobile app, it is very simple to use. It is the one that allows us to customize the touch controls, manage the equalizer, activate the low latency mode (ideal for video games) and configure the Super X-Fi READY.

I already told you months ago that with Super X-Fi we can scan the shape of our head and our ear so that it is possible to enjoy a holographic audio experience.

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