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Creation of realistic human voices, the new from Spotify

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spotify has bought a company specializing in the creation of human voices from text, which opens the doors to the imagination, thinking about what they are preparing in the short term.

This is the British startup Sonantic, a company that has been creating realistic voices for games, and was also responsible for the voice of Val Kilmer in the last Top Gun movie. Remember that Kilmer cannot speak perfectly due to throat cancer, so artificial intelligence was needed to simulate his voice in the film.

Although it is not known how much Spotify has paid, Sonantic had already raised about $3 million in investment funds, so it was surely much more than that.

At the moment the only thing they have said is that they are “excited about the potential to bring Sonantic’s AI voice technology to the Spotify platform and create new experiences for users”, and that they intend to create solutions to engage Spotify users. a new and even more personalized way, so everything seems to indicate that we will have a smart assistant inside Spotify to collect our orders using only the voice.

Such a tool could also be used to receive recommendations and descriptions by voiceso you don’t have to look at the screen (ideal when driving, for example), but could also be used to create tools that read article texts from different media and podcasts are automatically created with your content.

Spotify could also be thinking of getting into the gaming world and having Sonantic, which is already well established in the industry, be the gateway, although that would be quite a departure from its current model (although Netflix has already done so). and nobody has complained).

What is clear is that they want to be the largest audio platform in the world, and have a AI that transforms text into audiois necessary for it.

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