Create your own 3D Android robot with the reincarnation of the legendary ‘Androidify’

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create your own 3d android robot with the reincarnation of.webp.webp.webp

Do you remember Androidify? It was an application launched by Google more than ten years ago, with which you could create your own custom android robot with clothes, accessories and different accessories. After not being updated for years, it was removed from Google Play in 2020 and survives like the web launched at Google I/O 2016. Now, it’s back.

It’s not called Androdify but the new Android robot generator is basically the same: a way to create your own robot, similar to creating an avatar on WhatsApp. There is no application, although their website works perfectly on mobile.

Create your own Android robot

The Android mascot has had many names in its history, from Bugdroid to Andy, but Google decided to simplify to coincide with the premiere of its new 3D aesthetic: the Android robot is simply The Bot or… the robot.

Now you can create your own robots with the new styledressing them in your image and likeness, from the website called Create your own Android bot, of Google. The process is as simple as you would expect and very similar to Androidify.


First you must choose the skin (or, rather, the material), and then switch to the clothing, accessories and complements. You can only choose one element in each category and you are always shown how your creation is going in the preview.

When you finish your robot, pressing the ✔️ button will conclude your creation and you have the option to Download the image in PNG format with transparent background or get a QR code to share your Android with other people.

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