Create videos easily, like a pro, with Wondershare Filmora X

Before talking about Wondershare Filmora X and all that it has to offer, it might be interesting to take a quick look at why video editing is no longer, far from it, something reserved for professionals with many years of training and tools of many thousands of euros. Do you remember that “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, I’m sorry to tell you that this is the past, the current reformulation is “a video is worth more than an image and a thousand words put together.”

Video has been democratized, especially since the arrival of smartphones (although he has already started doing it with digital cameras), and thanks to this many people have been able to explore and exploit their creative potential, sharing with everyone, through the Internet, everything they want to tell.

Y social networks have also had a lot to do with this emergenceFirst, there were specific video services, such as YouTube and Vimeo, but soon after, social networks began to add video to the types of content that their users can upload. Thus, today, it is very difficult to access any Internet service, either with the PC or from our mobile phones, and not find a lot of audiovisual content generated by all types of users.

However, not all videos are the same. We can find raw recordings, really rough montages and content that detracts from what they try to show. Like an interesting text full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, or a photograph in which the portrayed subject is in the middle of the camera and the sun, a video without editing or badly edited can detract, completely, something that with a little work and dedication could be much more visually attractive.

This is where video editing and editing software comes in, applications like Wondershare Filmora X that offer us a complete set of tools, normally in a unified interface, with which we will be able to make any necessary adjustments to the recordings, as well as mount them to obtain the desired result.

We must bear in mind, however, that each program is different. Some owe their simplicity to having only a very basic set of functions, while others, very complete in options, are quite complex, which leaves them out of the reach of most.

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Wondershare Filmora X is a more than interesting proposal, because offers a uniquely simple editing environment, but still offers many of the features found in professional applications. And, in addition, with a price much lower than that of these editing solutions. And especially if you are looking for a solution for edit video on MacYou’ll find some exclusive features that will make video editing not only easy, it can even be fun.

Create videos easily, like a pro, with Wondershare Filmora X

Wondershare Filmora X for macOS

Macs have always been associated with creativity and, in fact, they remain the first choice for all types of content creators. So Wondershare Filmora X is the perfect solution for the environment proposed by Apple in its systems. And thanks to its careful interface, its learning curve is practically flat, so you can start using it practically immediately. And it is that to all its excellent functions, of which we have already told you previously, we must add some specific ones of the version for macOS. These are some of the most important:

Auto reframe: Anyone who has edited video, and especially if they have made a montage with sources of various origins, knows that this can be a real headache. And it is that not only can it be faced with different resolutions, no, also with different aspect ratios, which usually force us to refine in the crop. However, with automatic cropping Wondershare Filmora X is able to detect the focal point of our recordings and, if necessary, it will trim the resulting video without affecting the main point of the scene.

Split screen templates: we have more and more means to record video, with more sources to obtain it and, at the same time, wanting to create more complex montages that combine several videos in the same image. Whether to emulate a video conference, to show the same event from different perspectives, or with multiple creative uses, Wondershare Filmora X has a complete set of templates adjusted to different proportions, with which to create content for both social networks and online platforms it will be easier than ever.

HEVC compatibility: Do you record your videos with iPhone or iPad? The quality of the cameras on both devices have made them an excellent option for photography and recording, and the HEVC format offers enormous quality, which we will always want to bring to the video resulting from our editing. Wondershare Filmora’s complete and lossless compatibility with HEVC ensures that we can use features such as lossless auto reframe.

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Direct import from library: One of the most tedious parts of video editing is that, in many applications, we must first select all the files that we are going to use and, only then, begin to mount. With Wondershare we can forget about this and add the elements directly from the macOS photo library.

Touch Bar compatibilityWhen everyone wondered if Apple would ever include a touch screen in their laptops, Cupertino engineers designed the Touch Bar, a genius that offers direct and quick access to the most important functions, and that adapts to each context . Wondershare Filmora X is compatible with the Touch Bar and will allow you to use its shortcuts to edit and mount quickly and easily.

Compatible with Apple SiliconAlthough the work done by Apple to offer compatibility of the systems with its own chips with the software developed for Intel processors is commendable, Wondershare Filmora X is fully compatible with the new Apple hardware, so it is able to get the most out of it and to take advantage of its excellent performance.

Create videos easily, like a pro, with Wondershare Filmora X
Wondershare Filmora X for everyone

Although the developers have allowed this software to get the most out of macOS, That does not mean that Windows users cannot enjoy all the functions as well. and amenities that Wondershare Filmora X offers. And it is that in all versions of it you can find advanced functions that are usually very complex, but in this case they are available to any user.

For example, working with keyframes (keyframes) is not usually something simple, but rather the opposite. And it is a pity, since thanks to the assignment of this key role to certain elements, we will be able to carry out a much more creative edition, while maintaining control over the final result. With Wondershare Filmora X, managing keyframes becomes much easier, thus allowing us to configure them quickly and without complications, thus dedicating our time to the truly interesting part, the application of the effects for which we are going to use them.

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Another very remarkable feature of Wondershare Filmora X is motion tracking.. Thanks to it, we will be able to define an element of the video and the software will be able to detect its change in position along it. This will allow us to apply all kinds of effects, such as playing with the background blur. In professional applications, this process is time consuming and requires enormous precision, but with this software it is much easier.

What would the video be without the audio? Being able to make adjustments to it, play with the different tracks to attenuate some and enhance others, etc., is a key element in audiovisual creativity. That is why it is essential when choosing a video editing application. Of course, Wondershare Filmora X offers you complete control over the project’s audio tracks, so that the sound is always at the level of the image.

The key is undoubtedly that technology is at the service of creativity, that the software is capable of adapting to what the user wants to do at all times, thus enhancing their projects, instead of becoming a brake that, due to its limitations and complexity, pushes users to stay with the less complex option . Wondershare Filmora X’s user interface and the usability of its functions are a key factor in allowing users to create the videos they imagine, rather than the ones the software allows them to make.

If you wish, you can access the official Filmora channel on YouTube, where you will find tutorial videos and tips with which you can get the most out of the program. And if it is not enough for you to see it and you want to try it, you can download it for free from the Mac App Store and see how, indeed, the only limitation for your videos will be your own creativity.