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Create tracks for your karaoke session with the help of artificial intelligence on this website

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For many years, karaoke has become a medium where people have had the opportunity to unleash their unrecognized talent, or simply to let go of their inhibitions while singing their favorite song and fulfilling their fantasy of feeling like a music star. .

Generally, to interpret karaoke, the person will require the track of the original song accompanied by the lyrics, so that they can follow the rhythm and sing within the corresponding melody.

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However, there is a way that you can do this with the help of artificial intelligence and thus take advantage of a whole range of options, which will not only allow you to get the track you need for your karaoke session, but also to carry out other actions. What edit the audio, modify the tone, record your voice, etc.

This is Vocal Remover, a website where you can have the opportunity to separate the audio of a song between vocals and instruments. It is worth mentioning that all this can be done for free.

How to use Vocal Remover?

Once inside the Vocal Remover web page, you will be able to see on the left side a series of icons representing the different actions that this page offers you to manipulate the audio of the song you have chosen.

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Vocal Remove options

Considering that your main interest is to use the voice remover function, you must press the first icon in case it is not selected.

Following this you will have to click on the button to upload the song in MP3, FLAC or Opus format from the gallery of your smartphone or from the PC.

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Once this is done, it will be the tool’s turn to analyze the file and separate the vocals and instrumentals. This procedure should take no more than a minute to complete.

Once both elements are obtained separately, you will have the opportunity to increase or decrease its volumethus giving you the customization you want.

Vocal Remover_vocals and instrumental

In this case you would have to completely lower the volume of the voices and highlight the instrumental or you can just do the voices and cancel the instrumental. Vocal Remover also allows you to save a file of the instrumental or vocals.

In the event that you have stored the file with only the instrumental, you can then record your voice on this track, by clicking on the icon karaoke which is located in the side menu on the left.

Then, you will have to click on the button to upload the file and once uploaded start recording with the microphone.

After this you will have the options that will allow you to adjust a large number of parameters and finally download the final track.

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