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Create an image from a url using AI

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There is already a tool that is capable of summarizing text and finding the gist of multiple paragraphs of text. On the other hand, we already have applications that create images from descriptions.

If we put both things together, we have a web in which we only have to put a url and obtain an image generated from it.

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It’s about ogen.ai, a website that uses ChatGPT to summarize a web page, that being the hard part, finding the right parts of the web page to include.

It then feeds that into Stable Diffusion, automatically, and produces the output. This step may not always work, it depends on the API and the number of requests.

The application has just been born, it is new, so it is likely that it has some errors, but the idea is to polish it to make it a paid product once it works well.

They also plan add a WordPress plugin so you can generate a cover image for any blog post, which could save publishers a lot of time.

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It can be improved in many ways, but for now it works perfectly for web pages that have the correct meta tags.

There are several limits on these types of tools, such as:

limited understanding of language: They do not yet have the ability to fully understand natural language and may have difficulty interpreting nuance and context.

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Imaging Imprecision: The accuracy and quality of the generated images are still not perfect and may have cosmetic defects or be inaccurate in their representation of what is described in the text. Like with the hands, for example.

Lack of creativity: Current tools are based on previously seen patterns and do not have the ability to generate completely new or innovative images.

Reliance on a limited vocabulary: They are limited by previously trained vocabulary and descriptions, so they may have difficulty interpreting new or unfamiliar concepts.

Be that as it may, we are making quite a lot of progress with the subject.

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