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Create a collaborative playlist on Spotify to enjoy with the family this Christmas

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Now that Christmas and gatherings with friends and family are here, I’m sure that in all the events you attend there’s no lack of the corresponding soundtrack. One of the ways that exist for everyone to get involved in it is to generate a collaborative list on Spotify. We tell you how to do it and some things you should keep in mind.

The first thing is that you should know that the list you create can be used by both those who attend the party and those who, for some reason, cannot. This will make those who cannot move a little closer on these dates thanks to the help of music. Also, doing this on Spotify is completely free, so the type of account each person has doesn’t matter: everyone can collaborate with the songs they think should be present. Some advice before creating the list on Spotify To begin with, it is normal for children to listen to the songs that are going to be played, so it is recommended that tracks that have especially explicit lyrics are not included. To identify these, you must review the information of the song and if you see the letter “E” next to the title, it is best to remove it from the playlist. In addition, it is important to establish if it is a festive creation or, failing that, if everything fits.

It is not the best thing to include a creation that has nothing to do with these dates among the Christmas options, don’t you think? Another thing that is always positive is to be very clear about the theme of the list in question. Thus, for example, you can look for one that includes songs that have to do with Santa Claus or, simply, that is made up of Christmas carols. And these are just some Christmas examples, that on Halloween things can be very different, everything must be said. Create the list to put the soundtrack The steps to do this are very simple and, as you will see, it will not take long to have it available, so that everyone can start adding the songs they want to hear in the meeting that is taking place. riding.

They are as follows: Open the Spotify application as usual and enter your profile in the streaming music service.

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Now, access the Your library section and in the upper right area click on the “+” symbol. Now select List and put title because this is necessary. Once you are on the screen with the list, which will be empty, use the icon with three vertical dots below the name and, among the options that exist, use Invite collaborators. Now you can share it so that the chosen ones can add the desired music. Once this is done, you have finished on Spotify. Once the celebration is over, you can decide to keep the list that has been created or, failing that, delete it. All options are possible.

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