Cowboy finally integrates Google Maps into the app for its electric bikes

cowboy finally integrates google maps into the app for its.jpeg
cowboy finally integrates google maps into the app for its.jpeg

Cowboy e-bikes are in for a major update. The mobile application will be reinforced by Google Maps, the reference location and mapping service.

Credit: Cowboy

In addition to offering top-of-the-range e-bikes with products suitable for all uses, Cowboy has always put theemphasis on technology integrated into its cycles. It’s quite simple, in this area, the brand prides itself on “being the most advanced in the world”. She announces in the press that its application will benefit from a reinforcement of weight, from California.

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Today, Cowboy is thrilled to announce theintegration into its Google Maps Platform mobile app. This will allow the Belgian company to offer all the services of the famous location and mapping application, and more. Tanguy Goretti, co-founder and CTO of the company, says: “it is essential that we collaborate with the best, and when it comes to navigation, that is Google Maps”.

Cowboy app improves its functionality with the help of Google Maps

Without its mobile app, a Cowboy bike loses a lot of its appeal. It is she who sets him apart from the competition. She is so important besides that Cowboy is the first e-bike manufacturer to integrate wireless charging support for telephone in its cockpit, allowing permanent access to the application without fear of draining the battery of the smartphone.

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The company’s leaders were not deaf to the requests from the Cowboy user community. Their main complaint concerned the improvement of the navigation on the map. Thanks to Google Maps, the Cowboy app “now allows cyclists to select new routes while accessing additional features such as their speed, battery life and the number of calories burned during the effort”. From fall 2023Cowboy customers will therefore see a set of new features for their bike.

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