Counter-Strike 2 closed beta leaks and offline game becomes available on the internet

A Valve revealed to the world last Wednesday (22) Counter-Strike 2 for PC, which should be publicly released in 2023. The developer also announced the start of a closed beta of the game with a limited amount of players.

However, as per reports on Twitter, the beta version of Counter-Strike 2 has leaked onto the internet. With this, everyone who downloads the game will only be able to play alone, considering that to play an online game it is necessary to be in the select test group.

Clearly, someone from the limited testing group shared the files on the internet. It is worth mentioning that it is dangerous to download the test version of the game because the person responsible for the leak may have put a virus in the download to infect those in a hurry.

Although the game is designed to be played online, being a competitive first-person shooter, the fact that the Counter-Strike 2 closed beta leaked could still show off the many new features that Valve touted during the title’s announcement.

According to the developer, CS 2 is the biggest technical improvement in the history of the franchise. In addition to an all-new architecture based on the Source 2 engine, the game will feature a new smoke system, classic maps rebuilt from scratch, and more.

Additionally, the game’s visual effects have been overhauled in every aspect, including water, explosions, projectiles, fires, and more. Even the bloodstains are going to be directional so they can provide players with information.

Current Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players will be able to migrate their progress and items to CS2. The release date of Counter-Strike 2 was not disclosed, but Valve assured that the game will be released in the winter, between June and September, for free.

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