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Countdown! NBA 2K21 servers will shut down in December 2022

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Sports games are always a bestseller, but as we know, their durability is extremely limited, given that new sequels are released annually, making the servers not stay up for a long time, considering that fans always adhere. quickly to new versions.

This week, the official 2K support page announced that the NBA 2K21 servers will be shut down on December 31, 2022🇧🇷

Every year, the video game industry is treated to new sports releases, which are always among the best sellers. Although the FIFA franchise is the most popular, football games, Formula 1, American football and others also stand out a lot.

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The NBA 2K franchise is another one that stands out a lot among sports games and follows the model of annual releases.

Considering that we are getting closer and closer to 2023, the time has come to close the 2021 game servers. The day after the servers close, the title will be removed from virtual stores and the game will no longer be sold. Those who own the game will be able to enjoy the offline features without any problem.

The statement also highlights that ranked matches and online leagues will be shut down, all modes that use VC currency will also be affected, along with any other online function.

Since its release in September 2020, NBA 2K21 has sold more than 8 million units, being considered a great success of the franchise.

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Do you agree with the annual releases of sports games?

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