CORSAIR K100 AIR, minimal thickness, maximum performance

The proverb says that good essences come in small bottles, and seeing this CORSAIR K100 AIR, I understand that this saying can also be applied to thickness, because a review of its design and specifications serve to make us very, very clear, that we find ourselves in front of a keyboard that, despite what it might seem its slim designhas nothing to envy to other much thicker models.

The first thing that draws attention is, obviously, the thinness of its structure, and that is that measures just 11 millimeters at its thinnest point. In addition, its aesthetic proposal is very elegant and minimalist, contained in a brushed aluminum structure that guarantees great resistance and durability. The CORSAIR K100 AIR is by far the thinnest keyboard in its class, and also the highest performing among ultra-thin keyboards. In other words, we are faced with a unique proposal, in which thickness, design and performance go hand in hand.

And how does this CORSAIR K100 AIR manage to offer a user experience comparable to that of larger professional keyboards? A key point is the choice of your CHERRY MX Ultra Low Profile mechanical switches, specifically designed to provide the full-press feel we expect from a mechanical keyboard on slimline keyboards. In this regard, and even in the absence of testing this CORSAIR K100 AIR, the endorsement of the ultra-low profile CHERRY MX switches is already a guarantee.

Another more than remarkable aspect is related to its connectivity, since this keyboard offers us three connection systems: SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS ultrafast, Bluetooth low latency on up to three host devices, or the USB cable mode on PC and Macwhich offers a spectacular 8,000 hertz polling rate. Plus, if you want to use it with multiple devices, the CORSAIR K100 AIR can quickly switch between wireless connections on PC, laptop, tablet, and more with the press of a hotkey.

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CORSAIR K100 AIR, minimal thickness, maximum performance

Regarding its autonomy when working in wireless mode, CORSAIR has aimed very high, incorporating a long-lasting battery, capable of providing up to 50 hours of operation with RGB backlight onan autonomy that can scale up to 200 hours if we do without lighting LEDs. A lighting that, as you may have deduced, is managed through CORSAIR iCUE, to act in sync with the rest of the compatible components and peripherals.

The CORSAIR K100 AIR features four fully programmable macro keys that allow you to perform complex macros, actions and launch applications, and are complemented by the classic multimedia controls and a volume control wheel. In addition, to improve its usefulness, it has 8 megabytes of memory that allows us to save up to 50 usage profiles, which we can call up immediately when we connect the keyboard to any compatible device.

The CORSAIR K100 AIR will go on sale next October 4 and, although its price is not yet known, you can sign up for a mailing list where CORSAIR will inform interested people.