Copying a key from a photograph is already possible


In the field of technological security, not everything goes through passwords and the apps that allow you to manage them, such as LastPass and its alternatives. The physical keys can also find an ally (or a weak point) thanks to an interesting application.

KeyDecoder stores the information on the device itself and does not transmit any data over the Internet

Although it has been developed for educational purposes, the KeyDecoder application, the brainchild of French engineers Máxime Beasse and Quentin Clement, almost seems like a secret agent’s dream, being able to get a duplicate key with just two photographs of it.

Being clear in the first place that copying a foreign key, without the permission of its owner, may be illegalsome KeyDecoder applications would be protected by law for use by locksmiths or security professionals.

This application establishes certain requirements for its correct operation, related to the card on which the key must be placed so that the scan of the same from the photographs can be carried out effectively. With this, among other things, it seeks to minimize the risk that whoever takes the picture of the key does not have full disposal of it. Therefore KeyDecoder it would not be operational in the event of a fleeting photograph being captured of the key that you want to copy.

The card must have specific measurements down to the millimeter for the application to correctly recognize the key scan. Once the key is placed on said card, it must be match notches of it on some lines that the app marks on the mobile screen, which provides the application with the necessary data to obtain a “scan” of the key that will allow its duplication.

Beasse and Clement have freely published the KeyDecoder app for Android on the GitHub online repository. The authors emphasize that the application stores the information collected from the key scan on the device itself, without transmitting any data over the Internet.

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