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Copy Apple? The Xiaomi Mi 11 will not bring a charger in the box either

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Manzana announced in the middle of this year that it will not include the cell phone charger in its new iPhone 12. Of course, many mobile brands were mocked on social media for this controversial decision.

The apple company argued that they seek to reduce the environmental impact of their cell phones but they include the USB-C to Lightning cable in the box. Users who want to update their iPhone X must yes or yes buy the charger since the traditional UBC was used before.

Well, after a few months of the iPhone 12 on the market, brands are already beginning to follow this trend. The popular Chinese brand Xiaomi announced that the cell phone Xiaomi Mi 11 It will not have a charger.

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In turn, you can see that the box is exactly the same as the iPhone 12. In the promotional video you can see that the Chinese company has used a smaller package for its new mobile because space will be saved due to the absence of the charger.

Do you think other brands also follow this trend? For now, it has been reported that Samsung has deleted the posts where it mocked Apple when it presented its iPhone 12.

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