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Cooler Master launches its GM Series curved monitors with Quantum Dot technology

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What began as a brand of cooling components, little by little became established as a powerful brand of PC components of all kinds, surprising us again today with the arrival of the cooler Master GM Seriesa new line of curved monitors designed for both gaming and work, equipped with refresh rates up to 240Hz and Quantum Dot panel technology.

Starting with the smallest monitor, the Cooler Master GM27-FQXwe find ourselves before a panel with 27-inch 1500R camber, with FHD resolution and a fast 240Hz refresh rate and 0.5 millisecond response timeideal for competitive games like shooters.


Although this does not mean that the GM27-FQX continues to be a more than adequate option for any type of entertainment or work experience, with a Quantum Dot image quality that allows a contrast ratio of 3001: 1 for the reproduction of about deeper blacks and brighter whites.

Cooler Master GM27-FQX and GM34-CWQ

On the other hand, the Cooler Master GM34-CWQ ARGB is presented under the same 1500R curvature, this time with a panel of 34 inches with a WQHD resolution, yes, reducing its frame rate to 144 Hzbut keeping the same response time of 0.5 milliseconds, keeping it a really interesting option for games.

In addition, this monitor maintains the use of Quantum Dot imaging technology, improving its contrast ratio up to 4001:1, which together with 98% DCI-P3 color spectrum coverage and ultra-wide support for “Work” configurations & Play» will offer us a much more versatile experience for any type of task, including content editing

Availability and price

Available from today, we can already find the Cooler Master GM27-FQX available through the brand’s official website, under a starting price of $369; while the Cooler Master GM34-CWQ ARGB will not arrive until May 30, with an already confirmed price of $649.

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