Consulting the Cadastre from your mobile is easier than ever: the new application even tells you the value of your land

consulting the cadastre from your mobile is easier than ever.webp.webp.webp
consulting the cadastre from your mobile is easier than ever.webp.webp.webp

Do you own a property and want easy access to all the information that the cadastre registry has about the place? Well, there is no need to fight with the administration’s website: the new mobile app is perfect for consult the cadastral referencethe location of the plot, is used to receive all alerts related to the property and you can even draw the entire extent of the land on the map.

It is not that the different websites of the Spanish administration are especially adapted for use from the smartphone, although little by little we are seeing changes that are aimed at facilitating access through touch screens. One of these steps is based on apps: the Ministry of Digital Transformation is developing software for mobile phones that not only provides easy access to certain procedures, but also facilitates the interaction with different administrations. Cadastro_app is a good example.

A perfect application to access the Cadastre

Cadastre App

With Cadastro_app you can access the data of your property directly from your mobile phone and without needing to fight with the Web page, which doesn’t exactly make it easy to use from the phone. The application gives you access if you have the digital certificate active on your Android, if you you registered in Cl@ve and even if you know the cadastral reference of the home. It is a fact that you can check the IBI receipt.

Once inside the app, and after having logged in securely, all the properties associated with you will be shown. You can access its information with the cadastral record of the home, of the plot, Cadastro_app shows you its location on the map, offers you the value per hectare of the land and also includes a customizable section that can help you better define your designs.

With “Draw my plot” you can create a more detailed map of how far the land goes in order to have that information saved on the device that has Cadastro_app installed. Trace the boundaries directly on the map or walk along the edges of your plot while geolocating yourself with your phone: you will obtain a much more precise drawing than the cadastral record has. Although yes, What you do in that section has no legal validity. And it is not shared with the Cadastre, the information stays on your mobile.

Cadastre App

Cadastro_app is a well-designed, useful application that, for the moment, is still somewhat limited to the basic information of each cadastral reference. The interface is intuitive and follows the same design as other administration applications; as My Citizen Folder either FNMT. Cadastro_app is now available in the Google Play store.


Gather and personalize information about your properties and receive notifications from the Cadastre.

Cover image | Cadastre_app

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