Conservation of the hen harrier coming forward

The hen's hoof releasing its wings

A bonus fund of € 450,000 is to be paid to farmers for their efforts to preserve the hen’s hip.

This majestic bird of prey that nests in the mountains and moorlands is particularly vulnerable.

According to the latest National Wildlife and Wildlife Service census, it is estimated that there are now between 108-157 pairs in Ireland.

The bonus is to be paid to farmers participating in the Department of Agriculture’s Hen Harrier Program and to be awarded to them due to the significant increase in the number of grouse harriers last year.

This conservation scheme is worth € 25m with over 1,500 farmers taking part.

The scheme is administered in six protected areas, covering an area of ​​38,000 hectares over nine counties.

Last year, 56 pairs had 81 fins in the protected areas, the most successful season of the past fourteen years.

On Sliabh Luachra in Co. Kerry, one pair managed to feed five young monkeys.

Farmers participating in the scheme are required to properly manage the mountains and implement actions that enhance the diversity of the habitat.


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