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Congstar: More data volume in prepaid tariffs for new and existing customers

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Congstar upgrades its prepaid tariffs with more data volume. New customers benefit directly, existing customers have to switch.


Congstar donated more data volume to its prepaid tariffs. The new tariffs already apply to new customers. According to the Telekom subsidiary, anyone who is already using a prepaid tariff from Congstar can switch to the new tariffs free of charge.

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The Congstar prepaid package Allnet L now offers 6 GB instead of the previous 5 GB LTE data volume in the Telekom network, in the Allnet M package the data volume increases from 3 to 4 GB. The Basic S package now includes 750 instead of the previous 500 MB data volume, and the half-yearly package increases the monthly volume from 3 to 4 GB. Apart from the increase in volume, they change Conditions of the prepaid tariffs Not.

The Prepaid Allnet XL tariff, which is only available online, is completely new. It includes 10 GB of data volume with a maximum LTE speed of 25 Mbit/s. Telephony and SMS flat rate in all German networks are also part of the Allnet XL tariff. Customers pay EUR 20 per four weeks for this. There is also a one-time provision fee of 10 euros. EU roaming is included.

According to a study by the industry association Bitkom, Germany is in the middle of the field when it comes to mobile phone prices in an international comparison. Accordingly, mobile phone contracts are cheaper in Spain and Italy, for example, but more expensive in the USA, Switzerland and Finland.

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The prices in Germany, Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and the United Kingdom as well as outside of Europe in Japan, South Korea and the USA were examined. Bitkom members include the mobile network operators Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Telefónica (O2). Consumer advocates, on the other hand, consider mobile Internet in Germany to be too expensive.

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