Confirmed: the Xiaomi 13 will arrive together with a new, striking and cheap smartwatch

Confirmed: the Xiaomi 13 will arrive together with a new, striking and cheap smartwatch

Just yesterday it was known that the new Xiaomi 13 will be officially announced on December 1. Well, in the same information it was indicated that a couple of accessories will be smartphone travel companions, and today it has been revealed that one of them will be the Watch S2 smart watch, which will be a very striking evolution of the previous range that Xiaomi currently have on the market.

This new generation comes a year after the one that was announced in China in 2021, and will have a rather striking design, since the sphere will be completely circular, which shows that the trend in relation to the smartwatch of the Asian firm is in this direction. Obviously, the faction material that will be used will be aluminum and the CEO of Xiaomi himself (Lei Jun) has confirmed that there will be two sizes of the new accessory, so that each user can select the one that best fits them: 42 or 46 millimeters.

What is known so far about the new Xiaomi Watch S2

It is certain that this wearable will have a screen type AMOLED so that the image quality is good, something in which the brightness will be above 400 nits will help a lot (that is, that sunlight will not affect it practically at all). Besides, everything indicates that he will not lack GPS; which in this case will be double frequency to optimize precision when using it when performing any physical activity. This, by the way, is one of the great advances of the Apple Watch Ultra, so we are talking about a very interesting feature.


On the other hand, it is to be expected that the new model will have a proprietary operating system, so it will not have options such as Wear OS from Google. In addition, it will include both Wifi What microphone and speaker, which will allow you to answer calls without having to take your smartphone out of your pocket. And all this with full compatibility with both iOS and Android.

A price that will be, as always, striking

This is one of the things that Xiaomi always offers in its accessories, and this time it will not be different. From what has been known, the price of the new Watch S2 is 999 yuan. This in turn stays in about 135 euros, a most interesting amount considering everything we have discussed, especially the inclusion of a dual frequency GPS. The day December 1st We will see if all this is confirmed, but the truth is that everything fits with what can be expected from the Asian company.