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Configure WLAN access point for Raspi Super8 camera

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We set up the Raspberry Super8 film cassette as a WLAN access point and can therefore access it via smartphone or tablet without an available network.


In the first part of this series of articles, we got the Raspi Super8 camera ready to use. However, your working range is still limited to the WLAN set when installing the software. We will change that in this article: MotionEyeOS, the operating system used by the cassette, can also set up its own WLAN, i.e. work as an access point. You can then log in with your smartphone, for example, and access the web interface of the film cassette and the recorded films.

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MotionEyeOS can work either as a WLAN client or as an access point, but not as both at the same time. If only one memory card were used, the operating system would have to be reinstalled on the card each time you switched from one operating mode to the other.


Not only is this unnecessarily complicated, but it also entails the loss of the videos stored on the card. You should therefore use your own card for access point operation and then change the SD card in the Raspberry if necessary. The housing of the film cassette is designed in such a way that this can be done without opening it.


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