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Configure servers automatically with Salt

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The larger a server cluster, the more complex it is to configure and maintain. The open source tool Salt simplifies the work of admins and is very flexible.


Command line commands are an easy way to configure individual systems. But above a certain cluster size, the manual distribution, execution and configuration on each individual node degenerates into sweaty work.

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Admins are kept busy installing and configuring software packages and executing configuration commands from a central computer on a large number of managed servers. In terms of efficient server management, admins should avoid this effort – and invest resources in other activities.

Saltstack, Salt for short, helps here: This configuration management system, developed in the VMware environment, accepts commands at the control terminal (master) in order to then forward them to the systems (minions). The tool, written in Python, can be easily expanded and uses the ZeroMQ message bus internally. This enables high performance and fast execution of the commands on the end devices. This guide will help you get started with Salt.

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