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Computer motherboards launched so you can create original and light PCs

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Framework is a curious computer company launched last year, offering laptops that are easy to repair and upgrade by users themselves, for which it also launched its own marketplace for hardware items.

In this way, users have the freedom to decide the best time to improve the capabilities of your teamsremoving some hardware elements for others, or even adding other additional elements.

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This is possible thanks to the design of the motherboards themselves, which now they start to be sold separately in three different configurationson which users will be able to update their laptops or start from these motherboards to create light and original computers.

Choosing one configuration or another, users will be able to choose the desired memory and internal storage capacity, plus other hardware features through the elements among those that are available to include in the expansion slots integrated in the boards.

Personalization comes to light computers

The interesting thing here is that the company also offers the documentation and designs so that users can print the cases of their new computers on 3D printers.

From here on, the users’ imagination will do the rest, since the designs have a Creative Commons license, but the important thing is that these motherboards, coming with powerful Intel processors with integrated graphics, could become more powerful alternatives to using Raspberry Pi boards and the like, although it does not offer the same versatility in terms of connectivity.

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Framework motherboards start with the Intel 11th Gen Core i5 processor version priced at $399, with the next two motherboards featuring integrated Intel 11th Gen Core i7 processors.

This could advance the success of the company by making its laptop motherboards available separately, to research, test and create interesting developments that could lead to new products that require a higher level of processing than motherboards. compact.

Time will tell if this move leads the company to success among the general public, or rather it is relegated to enthusiasts, who like to try and experience new things through hardware.

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More information: Frame.work

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