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Apple devices are known for their security tools, and one of them is iCloud Activation Lock, a feature that comes with the “Find My iPhone” feature. Once the “Find My iPhone” function is activated on your device, an Apple ID and password are required to carry out various functions such as reactivating the device, erasing all its data, turning off the functionality… among others. Although the Activation Lock feature in iCloud is designed to provide protection for your device’s data, the truth is that in many situations, it may be necessary to bypass Activation Lock.

For example, it is what happens if you have forgotten your Apple ID and password, or if you have bought a second-hand device with the lock activated, that your Apple device will be nothing more than a brick with which you can do little and you will need to unlock the device without a password.

If you have also reached this article because you find yourself in one of these situations, we will help you to know the best ways in which you can remove iCloud activation lock without password. Keep reading.

Part 1. Top Three Ways to Remove iCloud Activation Lock without Password

1.1 iMyFone iBypasser Activation Remover – No password required

To bypass activation lock on your Apple devices without an Apple ID or password, a tool that works perfectly iMyFone iBypasser. This software, which works on both Windows and Mac, will allow you to quickly and easily remove the lock without having to enter a password. The program is very easy to use and works with any iPhone and iPad device, with any telephone company.

All you need is a computer that your Apple device can be connected to, and where you can download the software, to complete the whole process. All kinds of situations in which you need to disable the lock, such as having removed the password, having a second-hand phone, having your Apple ID hacked… among others, can be solved without much effort using this program.

Once the activation lock has been removed using the tool, your Apple device cannot be hacked, tracked or locked using the old Apple ID.

Steps to remove iCloud Activation Lock activation lock without password using iMyFone iBypasser

Step 1. Open iMyFone iBypasser

First of all, download, install and open the program on your computer, and on the initial screen press the “Start” button.


Step 2. Connect your iOS device

Using a USB cable, connect your iOS device to the computer. Once the device is connected, the jailbreak pack you need will be downloaded depending on the operating system you use.


Step 3. Bypass the activation lock screen

After the jailbreak is completed successfully, the device data like model, IMEI, iOS and others will appear on the screen. Tap the “Start Bypass” button on the screen and the activation lock bypass process will begin.


After some time, the old Apple ID will be removed and now you can add a new ID with your custom settings.


1.2 Ask the previous owner of the phone

If you bought a second-hand phone with iCloud Activation Lock enabled, the easiest and most direct way to find a solution is to contact the previous owner of the device and ask them to remove the lock using your Apple ID and password. If you’re nearby, you can bring your device to them and ask them to enter their Apple account details, while if you contact them by phone, you can ask them to share their Apple ID and password with you so you can use them to remove Activation Lock .

Steps to remove activation lock with the help of the previous owner

Step 1. Go to the official iCloud page and sign in using the Apple ID and password.

Step 2. Click on the “Find My” button and a list with all the devices will appear. Choose the device where you need to remove the lock.

Step 3. Tap “Delete iPhone/iPad” to confirm deletion and tap “Delete Account” option.


Step 4. After the iCloud account is removed from the device, you can set it up again as normal.

1.3 Ask for help in the Apple Store

If you are the owner of the device and have forgotten the Apple ID and password, you can contact the Apple Store and ask for help. The customer service in the store will help you remove the activation lock, but for this they will need you to prove that you are the owner by showing, for example, the purchase receipt or invoice.

If you have purchased a second-hand device, you will need to show some proof that certifies the transfer of ownership, such as the ID of the transaction, or payment confirmation, among others.

Part 2. Comparison of different systems to bypass Activation Lock

Above we have explained three methods to remove activation lock on iCloud. The following table compares the three methods on different parameters:

Functions / Methods iMyFone iBypAsser Contact previous owner Contact the Apple Store



Know the contact details of the previous owner.

Have proof of ownership of the device (ticket, invoice…).

Success rate removing the activation lock.


It is not something safe. It depends on whether you are able to contact the previous owner and if they remember their Apple ID details.

Is not safe. They will only help you if Apple’s customer service employees consider the device to be yours and you prove it to them.

It is safe?


If you contact the previous owner, yes.



Easy to use.

Complicated process.

Complicated process.

Who does it depend on?

It is not dependent on anyone.

It depends on the previous owner

It depends on the employees of the Apple Store.


very fast process

It takes time to contact the previous owner and get the information.

It takes time.

Considering the table above, it can be concluded that using iMyFone iBypasser is the best solution to remove iCloud activation lock, as it is a simple and fast method that ensures a successful result.


So, if you have unfortunately bought a second-hand device with an iCloud activation lock or have forgotten the Apple ID and its password, the solutions that we have explained to you can be taken into account to remove the lock. Among all those methods, using iMyFone iBypasser is the most recommended considering that it is easy to use and ensures to be successful in removing the lock in the shortest possible time.


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