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Compilation of the best 4K and QHD wallpaper apps of 2022

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We have already talked before about various mobile applications that serve to provide varied Wallpaperswith personalized categories of backgrounds on landscapes, buildings, nature, art, etc.

Well, there are some applications that focus on offering wallpapers that are in 4K and QHD (Quad HD), so if you want to get the best wallpapers of 2022 that have the highest possible image quality, you can use any of these apps.

Amoled Wallpapers Kotlin Edition

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Amoled Wallpapers Kotlin Edition is the first app option in this article

Amoled Wallpapers Kotlin Edition is a simple yet powerful app with a wide range of 4K and HDR wallpapers for both AMOLED and OLED screens but mainly focusing on the former, because OLEDs do not illuminate pixels in black and the vast majority of backgrounds are 50% or more black.

It even has a growing section of backgrounds in 6K and 8K, so if this is added to the fact that the app does not have internal purchases and does not have a premium version, it is a very interesting option that you could try.


Resplash is another good wallpaper app to consider

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Speaking of interesting options, Resplash is an app with great potential that grows every day, with its more than 100 thousand photographs (new ones are uploaded daily) and its backgrounds in HD, QHD and even in UHD, thanks to its operation connected to the Unsplash.com website.

You can follow the profiles of your favorite photographers to see their content first, explore your random playlist of wallpapers or take a closer look at each of the genres that interest you in the app’s library. Just like the first app, you can download Resplash totally free on Google Play, although Resplash does have internal purchases.


Walli is one of the best applications in the world of mobile wallpapers

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Walli is one of the best-known apps in the world of mobile wallpapers, with more than 10 million downloads on Google Play thanks to its extensive library of high-quality images, Not to mention its own hipster atmosphere, as mentioned by the app itself.

In addition to backgrounds in 4K and QHD, Walli also has backgrounds with 3D images that can range from original and computerized designs, to landscapes, animated proposals, vintage, etc. In general, it is a fairly complete app with content that enjoys the support of its public and critics.

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