Competition with MS Office and Creative Cloud: Canva announces Visual Worksuite

competition with ms office and creative cloud canva announces visual.jpg
competition with ms office and creative cloud canva announces visual.jpg

With Canva Visual Worksuite, users should create and edit docs, presentations and websites together. This should be particularly graphically appealing.


Canva, provider of the graphic design app of the same name, has announced the Canva Visual Worksuite. Visual Worksuite is intended to be a graphical communication platform whose programs for creating docs, presentations, print products and websites compete with comparable application packages from Microsoft, Google and Adobe. It aims to reach everyone from small businesses to non-profits, teachers, content creators to large corporations. According to the company, Canva had 75 million monthly users from 190 countries by the end of 2021. In the last year alone, users probably created 3.5 billion designs with the app.


The Canva Visual Worksuite includes seven applications: Docs, Whiteboards, Presentations, Social Media, Video, Print and Website. All products should be able to be used collaboratively. As the name suggests, Docs is used to create text documents and is said to be optimized for use on laptops and smartphones. According to Canva, from Docs there is access to a library of over 100 million videos, GIFs, photos and illustrations for graphically enhancing the documents. The Docs should be able to be converted into presentations with one click.

In addition to the whiteboards with many common functions such as post-its, stickers and comments, the Visual Worksuite also has its own website construction kit. It should be possible to quickly assemble graphically appealing websites from hundreds of templates. Users do not need any programming knowledge for this. The already existing Canva video will be expanded with a function for easily removing backgrounds. With the Canva Print program, users should be able to easily design products such as calendars, postcards, posters and sweaters.

Graphically oriented applications such as Canva or Figma, which Adobe is now buying for 20 billion US dollars, have excelled in creating social media content. The low entry hurdle for quickly building small graphics, such as logos, makes apps like Canva popular with users.

For more information on Canva Visual Worksuite and the capabilities of each component, visit the company’s website. A test of Canva whiteboards can be found in c’t.

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