Company will build a simulator to recreate the lunar experience on Earth

empresa construira un simulador para recrear la experiencia lunar en la tierra.jpg
empresa construira un simulador para recrear la experiencia lunar en la tierra.jpg

For centuries, the Moon has been an object of fascination among the different civilizations that have populated the earth, including it as part of their culture, either to pay tribute to it or to carry out a specific event around this natural satellite of the Earth.

It was not until 1969 when interest in the Moon reached its peak when Apollo 11 landed on its surface, with Michael Collins, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin being the protagonists of this feat.

NASA is currently in the process of repeating this experience again with its Artemis mission. However, people who are not astronauts can still have the opportunity to visit the Moon, or rather live a similar experience through the Moonshot plan, a novel architectural proposal that has a cost of 5 billion Dollars.

As for her appearance, Moon, as she is officially designated, will have a spherical shape and it will be located on a kind of disk shaped podiumwhich will remain elevated at a height of 224 meters.

Added to this, Moon will be made of concrete, steel, glass, aluminum and carbon fiber. Once the structure is finished it will generate a simulation of the Lunar surface where people will have a wide landscape to explore.

It is worth mentioning that Moon will be part of a complex that will also have other space-themed attractions, as well as the presence of a theater, a casino, a nightclub, a spa and a hotel.

Along with this there will be 300 luxury homes that will be made available to those who are interested in buying them.

On the other hand, the construction of Moon is expected to be carried out taking into account the LEED ecological protocols.

However, so far it is unknown sustainability features that will be implemented in this build.

As responsible for this project is Moon World Resorts Inc. (MWR), a company based in Canada, which expects to complete the construction of four tourist complexes located in North America, Europe, Middle East/North Africa, and Asia.

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