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Commit Club, to set yourself daily challenges and earn money by completing them

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There are many challenges that remain stored in the drawer of the bedside table.

Learning a new language, learning to program, losing 10kg, going to the gym every week… the day to day tramples many things, and our goals are in the middle of the road.

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With the aim of helping to meet goals, Commit Club was born, a platform designed to develop new habits and achieve great goals through the power of social responsibility and cash.

Exactly, we can join a daily challenge, or make a custom one, and earn money with the theme.

The heart of Commit Club is making it a daily challenge, whether it’s reaching a big goal, developing a new positive habit, or quitting a bad one. Now they launch Accountability Partners where we can name friends and family to receive daily updates and hold you accountable if you’re not doing your habit.

They add email reminders and query parameters for challenge creation, so we can link daily challenges or send a friend a challenge to commit to.

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They also have challenge presets, many more types of challenges that can be seen on the front page.

They also have free challenges, but what makes the platform different is precisely putting money in the middle.

How do you make money with challenges?

If we set ourselves a challenge, and we don’t meet it, we will have to pay money. That money goes to the people who do comply, so that if you behave well, and follow the planned rhythm, money will come in, otherwise, it will come out.

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When signing up for a challenge, we will have to give our debit or credit card. If we miss a single day, we will be charged. In case we want to earn money with people who fail their commitments, we will have to select the Ether option, no bank card.

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