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Coming? Ubisoft may be developing The Crew 3

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In September 2021, a renowned leaker released images of an alleged new project in The Crew franchise, which at the time was being developed under the codename “Project Orlando”. Since then, we have had no news about this game.

Despite the recent problems declared by Ubisoft itself, the developer still has about 11 games to release throughout the 2024 fiscal year. As it turns out, one of those games may, in fact, be The Crew 3.

This week, according to Tom Henderson, a leading gaming industry journalist, Ubisoft recently held an emergency meeting with its investors to reveal that The Crew 3 will also be released throughout fiscal year 2024, which ends in March of next year. .

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Despite not providing any additional details, Henderson claims that Ubisoft sees this new game as a strong competitor to Microsoft’s Forza Horizon.

While platforms for launch have not been confirmed, it is quite possible that the game will be focused on next-gen consoles and PC.

As always, we will have to wait for official information.

Original text – 09/24/2021

The Crew 3: alleged new game images appear on the internet

Images of an alleged new game in The Crew franchise, which is being called Project Orlando, have surfaced on Reddit, indicating that the project should be announced soon.

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Despite being recently discovered, user RacingGameGuru0300 revealed in his Reddit post that alleged screenshots of The Crew’s new game were hidden in The Crew 2 files, which led him to believe that Project Orlando was being planned as a DLC that ended up being discarded.

From the screenshots, it looks like Project Orlando is set in Hawaii and features “huge races” and an “all star” mode, including a mode that looks like a battle royale, which the image describes as a “breathtaking team battle”. team with up to 100 players”.

After the images were released, Tom Henderson, a well-known gaming industry leaker, revealed on his Twitter that Project Orlando is not a DLC for The Crew 2, but an unreleased game with a new graphics engine called The Crew: Orlando .

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Henderson also revealed that Ubisoft was not happy with The Crew 2 and decided to repackage everything, indicating that this could be a reboot or remake.

For now, we will have to wait to find out if the information is true or not.

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