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Come on! Bethesda is developing a new mobile game

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Bethesda, the studio that belongs to the Xbox family and is responsible for franchises such as Fallout, Starfield and The Elder Scrolls, announced this week that it is working on a new game for mobile devices, although it has not revealed many details about this project or which franchise he belongs to.

Todd Howard, executive producer of Bethesda and director of Starfield, was recently featured on the Lex Fridman podcast, where he spoke about a range of topics relating to Bethesda’s current work.

In a moment discussing the fundamental differences between the process of developing a console game and a mobile game, Howard said: “Well, we’ve already done a few things, and we have a new mobile game that we’re working on that I’m passionate about. and which we have not yet announced.”

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Howard didn’t go into more detail about the game, but hinted that it’s a deep experience rather than something to be played in short bursts, as is often the case with mobile games.

We’ve found with our games, particularly Fallout Shelter, that people will sit there for an hour or two. Sit and play. A large number of people will play it for hours a day.

So, looking forward to this new experience? What franchise will it be derived from?

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