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ColorOS 13 will have news due to the new partnership between OPPO and Spotify

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ColorOS 13 is the new version of the customized operating system for OPPO brand smartphones. The interface is based on Android 13 and one of the first devices to receive it was the Find X5. Now, he and other devices with the software will have access to a series of new features, the result of a partnership between the manufacturer and Spotify.

At first glance, the features available are still basic, but they can make a difference and make using the music streaming app more convenient. For example, the application will come pre-installed from the factory and will have a dedicated home screen, where it will be possible to control music directly.

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Another novelty that should arrive is the interaction of the app with the default alarm app that comes on the device. Thus, the cell phone will always wake up or call its owner’s attention with one of the songs on its playlist. Also, a card will appear on the screen with some new music recommendation for the person to listen to.

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ColorOS 13 has a look that the manufacturer calls Aquatic Design and several of its animations are different compared to the previous version of the operating system. Thus, the new additions must compose this aspect without failing to match the software design proposal.

The new features, according to Gary Chen (head of OPPO Software Product), arrive to compose the system that was made to work intelligently for the user. Likewise, actions can be done while listening to music and he also reinforces that there are more news to come, as the idea is to further elevate the experience of using the music application.

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