Colorgizes, extract color palettes from your photos


Sometimes we make a great photo and we want to get a color palette from it so we can create our next design.

Extracting colors from a photo is not difficult, but getting a full palette of “matching” colors is not so easy.

That is what the new colorgizes app does, an app for iPhone and Android that has a very simple and useful operation: we indicate a photo of us and extract the colors to use the palette in any other work.

The process can be automatic if we wish. As can be seen in the upper capture, there is a palette of blues right in the photo, but we can also decide to customize the result by altering the selected color.

It is important to remember that the colors we see in nature are not absolute, they depend on light (after all, colors are “light”), so when taking a photograph we may not see exactly the same colors that we see with the eyes. That is the reason why they decided, from colorgizes, to offer the possibility of altering what was captured so that the palette better suits what we want.

Its usefulness can be very varied. From choosing the colors of a website headed by a photograph, to deciding the colors of the letters and elements of an image uploaded to social networks, having a suitable palette is essential in any graphic design creation.