Clues about spatial audio for headphones appear in new option in Android QPR1

Clues about spatial audio for headphones appear in new option in Android QPR1
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The Android 13 QPR1 beta has been running for a few days now and has brought some interesting news for Pixel 6 users. Now, a new option appears within the audio settings on the system that suggests adding spatial audio for headphones. In fact, the measurement seems to be available even for wired models.

The feature was already expected to appear on Pixel Buds Pro, however, with the option available for any type of product in the category, many doubts arise with the novelty. In fact, another curious detail about this is that Google devices don’t even have a connector for wired headphones.

It is worth remembering that Apple helped popularize the spatial audio feature by implementing it in its AirPods Pro. What Google intends to do, then, is add the attribute via software and so all the settings related to that look ready. However, they are not yet available to be implemented in practice.

Apparently, this will be possible thanks to the Spatializer APIs that the company has developed for the new version of Android. In fact, the new system should come with several new features for its users, such as greater customization possibilities and even optimizations for the use of facial recognition.

As a reminder, the spatial audio feature allows the person to hear a three-dimensional sound in their headset. In this way, it is as if you have the opportunity to have a cinematic experience in this regard. Therefore, the novelty is appreciated in the category and well used in Apple headphones, for example.

Those who follow more closely, live the expectation that Google will join the resource since the acquisition of the company Dysonics, in the year 2021. In case you didn’t know, it is a startup that focuses on developing solutions aimed at 3D audio. So, since then it is expected that the tech giant will bring the feature in some way.