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    ClubHouse will optimize audio quality with its new Music Mode

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    clubhouse 1 1000x600.jpg

    The ClubHouse fever seems to have been dying down a bit, although the latest announcements on the platform have been geared towards better ones. First they released the record for all users and then they brought in the spatial audio. Now the audio-based social network is getting an update and has a new feature that will be great for those in the music world. This is the Music Mode where ClubHouse will adjust itself to deliver the highest quality live sound.

    In this way, if you are a DJ or want to share sessions playing your instruments, you can do so while guaranteeing a better sound quality than in conventional mode.

    This is how you can activate the ClubHouse Music Mode

    As we already know, ClubHouse is a social network whose main element is audio and, of course, its use could lead to the transmission of music. At this time, we can even find rooms for fans of bands or musical genres where their hosts play songs from their computers. Although the best quality is not received, it is a dynamic that has filled many rooms. That is why ClubHouse now brings the Music Mode, optimizing sound transmission.

    This new feature has started rolling out throughout this week along with another enhancement targeting search. Now, you will have the bar available at the top of the screen, with the possibility of searching for your favorite creators.

    Continuing with the Music Mode, from ClubHouse they have stated that this mode will optimize the audio transmission to obtain the best quality and that it will also recognize external devices such as microphones. To activate this feature, you just have to go to the icon with the 3 dots and enter the “Audio Quality” option. There you will find the option “Music”, select it and that’s it.

    It is noteworthy that this feature is available in the iOS version. Android users will have to wait a little longer for it to land on their computers.