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ClubHouse will finally allow chat writing: this is how Blackchannel works

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With permission from TikTok, the trendy social network is undoubtedly Clubhouse. A platform that has been so successful that even Spotify has launched its own alternative to stand up to it. Although, for many users that this app has, it lacks an almost essential element today: an option to be able to write text messages to our friends and loved ones. For this reason, the popular social network has just announced the arrival of Backchannel, the instant messaging service that Clubhouse will receive so that we can chat via text messages with our friends and loved ones in the most comfortable way. In this way, we can create individual or group chats to be able to talk with whoever we want. Of course, at the moment the new function to be able to write to others in the Clubhouse is quite limited. More than anything because you will not be able to send more than written text, since it does not have the possibility of attaching files, photos or videos. Although the team behind the development of this app has already made it very clear that they will be adding new functions to Blackchannel to make it more useful than ever. Backchannel, this is the text chat in Clubhouse For the rest, Backchannel can become a very useful tool, especially if the particular mechanism of this social network is taken into account. In case you didn’t know, Clubhouse is an app that allows you to access voice chats with other users to talk about all kinds of topics. And thanks to Backchannel you will be able to communicate with the rest of the speakers in your chat if you are preparing a talk, planning the next question or deciding if you want to take someone out of the audience to give their opinion. finally, although at the moment there is a staggered rollout, so the Clubhouse written chat is not available in all regions, the process to use Backchannel is extremely simple, as you will see later. Open the Clubhouse application and click on the paper plane icon, located in the lower right corner of the screen, type the name of the person or persons with whom you want to chat. You have a limit of up to 15 users if you create a group, click on done and start chatting normally. A very simple process that will allow us to get the most out of this curious social network based on voice chat rooms. What are you waiting for to try Blackchannel at Clubhouse!

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