ClubHouse tests “Houses”, private voice chats

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The Clubhouse voice chat room platform continues to develop new proposals with which to maintain its popularity compared to other social networks that, after the success of this platform when it appeared in 2021, have replicated its characteristics.

Houses are private communities within the Clubhouse for sharing voice conversations with like-minded people

The novelty is called Houses and is already in the testing phase. His proposal consists of voice chat spaces but private, instead of as before, in which the rooms are accessible by all users of the application. And also with some selected content around specific themes or, at least, managed by the administrator or administrators of said House.

This has been revealed through his Twitter account Paul Davidson, CEO of Clubhouse, who has provided some details about this development that, although it is already available, requires a period of waiting list so that those interested can proceed to the creation of these Houses.

For the time being, anyone who is interested in having their own House can request it, but Clubhouse will take some time to approve it, something that will be done progressively. And it is that, among other circumstances, the platform itself advances its intention to go through a learning process about the operation of this new feature by analyzing the information collected by the first users.

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From the Clubhouse website itself, where you can proceed to register, it is reported that the Houses are a space to meet with friends and friends of friends with freedom and privacy to hold conversations. The possibility of including invitations to other friends is mentioned, as well as the option of keeping that group completely closed, always at the discretion of the users of that community.

If in the Clubhouse channels anyone can request to join, in the Houses it is about restricting access and that only the users who have created that common space can decide who is part of it, sending the corresponding invitation in their case.

According to Davidson, each House will have its own “personality, culture and content moderation rules”, which will allow these communities to better adjust to the interests of each group. The current communities could be divided into more specialized Houses based on themes, affinities or interests, following a parallelism with what happens at a party with many guests in which groups are created by affinity.

Regarding the creation of one of these Houses, the Clubhouse website allows users to register it by indicating its name, a description and adding the guests to be part of it as founding members.