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Clubhouse adds text chat feature

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A year ago Clubhouse was the latest sensation on social networks with its voice chat rooms, but over time the platform has seen the convenience of adding a text chat optionas announced this Thursday.

Clubhouse offers voice chat rooms with a moderator who organizes the conversation in turns

This will facilitate communication by typing instead of speaking for those participants who prefer that option to speaking and being heard. It can also allow you to avoid noisy environments or add context to the chat room conversation using textwithout having to wait for your turn to speak.

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Although it may seem like a contradiction to be a platform based on voice and spoken conversation, the truth is that the possibility of maintaining a chat via text has been in great demand, especially for particularly crowded chat rooms. In cases where the conversation is monopolized by a few users, it seems that the only way to have some participation may be this.

With the new text chat feature would also come the need to moderate these chats. Clubhouse provides voice room administrators with tools to keep text conversations within limits so they can delete offensive or disrespectful messages, as well as restrict room access to annoying users. In the event that any message violates the Clubhouse regulations regarding the rules of use, said message can also be reported so that the platform itself acts accordingly.

Text chat feature is optional, so chat room administrators will need to choose whether or not to allow this feature. Since Clubhouse allows the recording of the audio of the chat room, in case the text chat is allowed, a record of it will also be kept.

Gradually Clubhouse assumes an increasing resemblance to other social networks. Thus, in addition to the initial option of accessing this platform only through an app, the possibility of doing it from computers through a desktop version was added. In addition, it also has the option of sending direct messages between users through the Backchannel function.

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