Close the Facebook app for couples

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Facebook launched a little over a year and a half ago a social app for couples. Named Tuned, it was used so that two people could share content exclusively between them.

Tuned was launched by Facebook in 2020

Available on Android and iOS, it was an experimental application, created by the NPE -New Product Experimentation- working group founded in 2019 and now integrated into the Meta structure. This group of engineers is in charge of developing applications with test functionalities, which are generally closed shortly after being launched.

As a result of the tests that are carried out with them, those tools that are favored by users end up being incorporated into other applications or tools of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp… although most of the developments end up being closed.

This is what will happen with Tuned, which the company has confirmed will no longer be available on September 19. Facebook has begun to send all users of this application a message informing them of the closure and asking them to download all their information -in case they want to keep it- before the app stops working.

Tuned, the Facebook app

Meta assures that he has learned a lot about how to manage communication between two people with a close relationship in the social network. Keep in mind that the application was launched during the months of the pandemic, thinking especially of those couples who were separated and could not see each other, and tried to give them the opportunity to be more in contact and share more things.

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Now the use of this tool makes less sense, although some of its features could be added to the Meta social networks, or even to Facebook Couples, the tool for finding love on the social network that competes with Tinder.

Other tools developed by NPE that have been launched in recent months are Hobby, Whale, or Collab, among others.