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‘Clean Charging’ will be released for iPhones with iOS 16 this year, says Apple

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Apple released this week the new version of its operating system for smartphones, iOS 16. According to the developer, the software brings new features and general improvements that focus on optimizing the performance of compatible devices and improving users’ experience with features Useful.

Although the stable version of iOS 16 has been released recently, the Cupertino giant explains that some functions will only be implemented in the coming months as the feature Clean Energy Charging (“clean energy charging, in literal translation) that should optimize the time in the socket reducing the carbon emission.

Despite having confirmed the existence of this function, Apple limited itself not to reveal details about how this new charging mode worksjust stating that “clean energy charging aims to decrease the iPhone’s carbon footprint by optimizing charging times for when the grid is using cleaner energy sources”.

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to the portal 9to5Mac, the Clean Energy function will run some tool in the background while the device is plugged in. However, for now, we do not know how this novelty will work, nor how it will contribute to the reduction of CO2 emission in the atmosphere.

Reportedly, the role will complement a native feature that analyzes the users’ daily routine to preserve battery health. As with some Android smartphones, iOS 16 can determine the usage pattern by completing the charge to 80% by the time the owner usually wakes up.

We don’t know when the clean loading will be official, but “Apple” guarantees that it will be in 2022, it remains to be known the month and availability.

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